Halloween is One Of My Favorite Holidays

October 25, 2011 9:31 AM | Posted By Diane Stadlen, COO

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Apparently I am not alone, which hopefully will eliminate some of the stares I might experience this year as I proudly display my jack-o-lantern socks and scarf. A recently released Harris Poll states that Echo Boomers (ages 18–34), GenX (35–46) and women rank Halloween as their third favorite holiday behind Christmas and Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because schools have stopped Christmas/Holiday pageants, or that we all just need something fun between that long stretch from July 4th to Thanksgiving.

"Thank You", Steve Jobs.

October 7, 2011 1:35 PM | Posted By Kalyn Haba, Senior Art Director

It's been a sad few days as the world mourns the loss of Steve Jobs, our modern-day inventor and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world.

Like so many, I am an Apple consumer and loyalist. I purchased my first iMac seven years ago, shortly after graduating from college. For me it was like buying a car with its big price tag, but I just had to have it! Soon after, I purchased the iPod Touch for all my music enjoyment wrapped up in a small device that could go with me everywhere. Now, I have the iPod Nano and just love it! Its small form factor is perfect for me and has made going snowboarding or to the gym more enjoyable and convenient. And today, I’ve pre-ordered the new iPhone4S as I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival for a few months now. Who would have guessed that we all would rely on a phone more than a day planner? And gone are the days when we all used printed maps. Now I search for what I want to do for the day and my phone tells me how to get there by foot, bus, or car all on a small device that fits in my hand, my iPhone.

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