Give Your Sales Team the Power They Need

May 15, 2017 2:27 PM

Great sales people know how to approach a customer, ask the right questions and guide the prospect toward making the purchase. But when a brand fails to provide their retail sales force with a system for accessing the right promotional material and assets, the sales process can grind to a halt.

And requiring a sales rep to search through scattered locations can take up time you don’t have and can undercut the credibility of the both the retailer and the brand.

We’ve found that many organizations could benefit from a central hub that allows sales teams to access up-to-date creative assets such as data sheets, ads and banners, and quickly deliver them to retailers during the sales cycle.

So what should brands and retailers look for when deciding on a central asset management system? Here are a few key features that can really help a sales team speed up the path to purchase:

·         Detailed asset information and meta data

·         Thumbnail images of file contents for easy identification

·         Robust search capabilities and filtering

·         Ability to share assets via a message or link

·         Up-to-date version control

·         Easy access to recently viewed items

·         Ability to create favorites or frequently used lists

·         Ability to comment on an asset

·         System-wide alerts to sales team when an asset is updated

At Alpha, we specialize in asset management systems for major brands, such as the Creative Hub our team developed for Lenovo (you can read more about that here). The goal is to make the right information so easy to reach that it become an effortless part of the sales process.

Customers want to make informed purchases, and the sales team wants to close the deal. Having an effective asset and collateral management system in place brings both sides together.

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