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And it seamlessly integrates with whatever lead generation tool you might be using, like Salesforce. Everything from the back-end database implementation to the UI can be modified with assets and brand elements you already have.

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Lenovo: Lenovo Developer Program & Portal Lenovo: Lenovo Developer Program & Portal
LenovoDev Home LenovoDev Interior LenovDev Eureka

Lenovo Developer Program & Portal


Lenovo wanted to build a community of app developers that could be leveraged to create apps designed for their devices. In order to build the community, Lenovo needed to provide tools, support and marketing opportunities for the app developers.

Lenovo needed a way to communicate with the developer community and allow them access to information about Lenovo. Ideally Lenovo would offer a tool/website where developers could learn about upcoming Lenovo technologies, access development tools they need to develop apps for Lenovo devices, and submit their apps for marketing activities.

At the time, Lenovo did not have the internal resources or expertise to build a developer program from the ground up.

ALPHA collaborated with Lenovo to create the framework of the program including what types of information would be available, benefits for the developers, etc.

ALPHA designed and developed a portal, using our dais platform, to support the Lenovo Developer Program (LenovoDev). On this portal, developers have access to information about Lenovo devices, Lenovo technologies, development tools, marketing opportunities, and much more.

In addition to the implementation of our dais modules, the LenovoDev portal contains a significant amount of custom development. All content on the site can be managed through the CMS. This includes, but is not limited to, banner scheduling, page creation, event management, blog management, NDA management, knowledge base items, and merchandising page management. As with all our dais portals, the LenovoDev portal is cloud based, and hosting is managed by ALPHA.

The LenovoDev portal has become the central hub for the Lenovo Developer community.

Module Implementation Detail

The LenovoDev portal utilizes the following dais modules:

  • Registration
    • Allows registration as an individual or as a corporate account that allows additional sub-accounts.
    • Provides detailed registration form.
    • Allows one to digitally sign/agree to Lenovo NDA.
  • Profile Management
    • Developers have access to the profile they provided Lenovo during registration. Within this area, edits can be made to their profile and account settings. As, well they have access to details about their participation in other programs (e.g., Device Loaner Program).
  • Lead/Item Registration
    • ALPHA customized the Lead Registration module to support the Device Loaner Program and the App Content Marketing Submission process.
    • Device Loaner Program:
      • Developers can request a loaner device for testing from within their profile
      • Requests are tracked and status is displayed to user
      • On the backend, within CMS, the program admin manages the loan request in the following manner:
        • Approves/rejects loan requests
        • Assigns devices
        • Tracks communication with requesting developer via messaging log
        • Manages device inventory
  • Document/File Management
    • Within CMS, the program admin has the ability to load SDKs and other development tools. The tools can be assigned to appear on various pages throughout the site based on platform and/or technology.
  • Communication Management
    • ALPHA customized the Communication Management module to log communication to Developers about Device Loans.
    • The log is visible to the program admin in the CMS.
Truphone: Truphone Partner Portal Truphone: Truphone Partner Portal
Truphone Home Truphone Interior Truphone Interior 2

Truphone Partner Portal


Truphone was in the midst of developing its Partner Program and needed a way for Partners to access sales support information and register potential opportunities.

Truphone did not have the internal resources to build a centralized site for the Partners to register and access information. In addition to supporting its Partners in the United States, Truphone needed to know that the site could be easily expanded to include the rest of the world.

ALPHA designed and built the Truphone Partner Portal using our dais portal platform to support the Truphone Partner Program. On this portal, potential partners can determine what type of partner they would like to be and register to be part of the program. Once approved, partners can use the portal to access sales support and product information and register their potential lead opportunities.

As with all our dais portals, the Truphone Partner portal is cloud based, and hosting is managed by ALPHA.

Module Implementation Detail

The Truphone Partner Portal utilizes the following dais modules:

  • Registration
    • Registration begins with a customized questionnaire to determine which type of registration form the potential partner should complete.
    • There are three registration forms based on partner type; only the appropriate form will be presented to the potential partner based upon questionnaire results.
    • Potential partners will then digitally sign/agree to Truphone Partner Terms & Conditions.
  • Profile Management
    • Partners have access to the profile they provided Truphone during the registration process. Within this area Partners can:
      • Edit their profile information
      • View and contact their assigned Truphone Channel Manager
      • View details surrounding all lead opportunities they have submitted to Truphone, including approval and payment status
    • On the backend, in the CMS, Truphone has the ability to manage the Partner’s approval process, as well as to edit its profile data. In addition, Truphone can augment the Partner record with the following information (seen only by Truphone):
      • Salesforce ID (to link records to Truphone’s Salesforce.com)
      • Admin notes (to track notes and contact surrounding the Partner)
  • Lead/Item Registration
    • Partners have the ability to register potential lead opportunities with Truphone.
    • On the backend, in the CMS, Truphone has the ability to manage the Opportunity approval process and enter payment amount/status for any applicable rewards. This information is then visible to the Partner within its Profile area.
    • Truphone can augment the Opportunity record with a Salesforce ID to link the record to Truphone’s Salesforce.com. This is only visible to Truphone.
  • Document/File Management
    • Within the CMS, Truphone has the ability to upload and categorize all resources on the site. Resources can be viewed on the public side of the site. As well, they can be restricted to viewing only by registered users who are logged into their account. Further viewing restrictions can be made based on Partner type.
  • General Site Content Management
    • There are content blocks within the site that can be managed directly by Truphone via the CMS. This allows Truphone the ability to make quick updates to copy on its own.