Brand Positioning and Visual Identity Evolution

Brand Positioning and Visual Identity Evolution

With a trade show approaching, Bell and Howell required promotional materials to support and showcase their latest products and services. However, upon further examining their needs, they realized that their existing branding and messaging were no longer sufficient in that they spoke only to their past as a manufacturer of letter-shop equipment.

In reality, Bell and Howell now had a flexible suite of multi-channel technologies to offer clients, including equipment, database and software solutions. What they needed was a new way to connect with their customers in order to highlight who they are, what they deliver, and how they’re unique.

ALPHA was charged with not only developing a design theme for a new trade show exhibition, but also updating their messaging platform and overall corporate identity to give the company a refreshed look that was better aligned with their current offerings.

While Bell and Howell had a new database and additional software solutions, they didn’t want to abandon their roots as a manufacturer of world-class equipment. Their new messaging would therefore need to encompass both. It was also imperative that the company’s deep-rooted philosophy of putting the customer first be preserved.

Graphically, Bell and Howell wanted to retain their current logo and brand colors. As a result, the new branding would need to to have a visual connection to what already existed. Still, they wanted their new look to be striking – something that would communicate that this was not the “same old” Bell and Howell.

Powered by the synergy of strategy and graphic design, the positioning of "Clear Intelligence at Work" was developed to creatively reflect their new technology while still paying homage to the physical nature of their machines. To seal the connection, the headlines were then focused on the customer experience.

A dynamic, motion-inspired graphic was created using existing brand colors plus other hues. This was then placed into the negative contour of their existing logo. The resulting visual implied a deeper look into Bell and Howell, uncovering an established but re-energized company poised for the 21st century.

On display at the trade show, the new design commanded rave reviews from employees and customers alike. If that wasn’t enough, Bell and Howell sold two new machines straight off the floor of the show.

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