Same Day Awareness Campaign

Same Day Awareness Campaign

After DHL Express ceased domestic express operations within the US, many people assumed this included Same Day as well.

The Same Day group was acquired by DHL Express in the Airborne Express acquisition and had not received much marketing support since that time. There was never a campaign to inform the customers of their name change, so this added to the confusion about whether they were still operating.

Same Day wanted to let lapsed customers know they were still in operation and re-engage them as an active customer. Additionally, Same Day was migrating to a new CRM system and wanted to cleanse their existing database prior to ingesting the data into the new system.

Our primary goal was to fully re-engage these customers and get them shipping with Same Day again.

ALPHA developed a two phased campaign to reach the lapsed customers. In the first, each contact received a postcard offering them the opportunity to win a $200 prepaid Visa® card. To be eligible they would need to visit a PURL on the postcard, update their contact information and answer two questions about their emergency shipping needs.

When the contact submitted this information an email got sent to the appropriate sales person so they could initiate a call to the contact. Then, a “welcome back” kit was mailed to the contact with important customs forms, Same Day collateral and promotional items.

In the second phase, contacts that responded to the first phase received an email outlining a sales promotion where they could win electronics prizes based on shipping volume.

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