Lead with Lenovo Campaign

Lead with Lenovo Campaign

ALPHA was tasked with initiating a multi-point contact approach that would identify the status of approximately 4,000 inactive business partners and incentivize them to reactivate their accounts and purchase Lenovo products.

Using branding consistent with Lenovo’s existing Business Partner portal, ALPHA developed an overall “Win Back” theme for the campaign that tied into email, direct mail, and telemarketing efforts — reaching the target audience with at least one touch every two to three weeks over the course of the campaign.

ALPHA designed all creative pieces and managed all vendor activity to include printing, mailing and fulfillment. Messaging was personalized and customized for three different segments and focused on an incentive — Partners registered for the program would receive a free ThinkPad Edge laptop for every $10,000 in Lenovo products they sold.

The campaign has not yet ended, and ALPHA has already effectively reached its goal of delivering clean records for 33% of the inactive business partners in Lenovo’s database. We’ve also succeeded in attaining 200 Winback registrants that Lenovo can continue to engage.

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