Lenovo Press Website

Lenovo Press Website

The server info people need, where and when they need it. 

When Lenovo acquired a portion of IBM’s server business, they also acquired hundreds of detailed product guides and relevant documents that were previously available on IBM’s Redbooks website.

As a result, ALPHA worked with the server team to develop a website for a new, all-encompassing library and publishing entity that would not only store over 550 reference documents, but also publish new product guides books, sales positioning papers and videos.

ALPHA relied on dais — its proprietary CMS platform and portal customization tool to build out this flexible and evolving resource engine.  On Lenovo Press, all server, storage, and networking literature is organized by publication date and indexed to be easily accessible, downloadable, viewable and shareable. The site features a custom analytics dashboard that reports top downloads and views, total downloads, number of newsletter subscribers and more.

In addition, we created a Content Block Library allowing users to create a single piece of content (i.e., a chart or diagram) and use that content across multiple documents, maximizing efficiency. 

Check it out here.

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