Retail Displays + Experiences

Retail Displays + Experiences

Influencing the consumer in-store and beyond.

Smart, well-designed point-of-purchase creative offers a story simply told and influences the path to purchase.

For Lenovo, back to school is always a critical retail season, and for this most recent one, they turned to us for a series of Best Buy exclusive endcaps and smash tables.

ALPHA created endcaps for the X315 Gaming Tower, X24 Monitor and ThinkPad Yoga, plus we produced smash tables for the YOGA 900 and the A700 desktop, designed to invite interactivity.

Today, the consumer experience at retail continues to evolve as more and more users browse across multiple devices, including in-store, and convert at different times and places. The one thing that is certain, though, is that ALPHA’s retail experience will continue to shape and influence the consumer shopping experience, today and tomorrow.

B50 Touch Endcap
Thinkpad Yoga Endcap
Yoga 900 Endcap
Y700 Gaming Endcap